Description: I am Scarlett, a smiling, flirtatious and very sensual girl. I hope we can establish an environment of good vibes, hot and above all very respectful.
Expertise: My favorite positions include doggy, where I can feel the control and intensity, and cowgirl, for a deep connection. 💋🔥
About: I am a kind, smiling and very flirtatious girl. I love meeting people, talking and having fun. I really enjoy getting out of my routine, taking risks and trying different things.
Turns On: I am motivated by people with good energy, who love to leave their comfort zone, who love to have fun and are always respectful.
Turns Off: One thing I really don`t like is the lack of empathy. I believe it is essential to understand and feel for others to build meaningful connections and build a better world.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props: