Description: I`m Nastya! I love hot hugs, because it`s not a pity for others to melt. I like to receive attention and feel weak next to a strong and caring man. That`s just not found yet... Maybe you are the man in whose hands I`m breaking up?
Expertise: Let`s discuss it in my show:)I have something to say you:)
About: Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what was going on in their head? I want to sit in your head like a sweet longing, after a long sex. You can leave without knowing what I can be for you and what wonderful moments are waiting for us ahead, but you can avoid this by simply not losing me.
Turns On: A romantic walk under the rays of the setting sun. You hold my hand tightly in yours and reach out to kiss me passionately. Your kisses are getting more insistent. But there are so many people on the beach. We need to find a more secluded place as soon as possible so that we can indulge in passion.
Turns Off: I don`t like it when a person is not responsible for his words. If you promised me something, then please keep your word! If you did not keep it, then I will say a swear word.
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english