Description: ► Seeing me on cam and talking to me is a default. Sound, toys, any actions ARE NOT YOUR RIGHTS, BUT PRIVILEGES. So beg your ass for it. JOI-CEI-T&D, Findom, Cuckolding and all that shit :D You`re welcome that i let you read that!
Expertise: ► ANY requests - only after a proper greeting. Number of features available to you is dependent on how much i`m getting for it and your begging skills :) JOI-CEI-T&D, Findom, Cuckolding, etc. You`re welcome that i let you read that :D
About: ► One bad ass homo sapiens. Happy, cheerful animal. Highly social primate. Curious little mammal. Silly hominide with a tad of neanderthal wildness. Omnivorous charmer in her glory :D
Turns On: ► Electricity turns me on big time! It also styles my hair up the fanciest way when i try to fix an outlet with a fork
Turns Off: ► Okay. Not baby. Not bb. Not gg. Not ff. Not any other pair of stupid random letters, i have a name, for our Lord Flying Spaghetti Monster`s sake! Oh wait, i`m the only true Goddess in here...:D
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english