Description: Hey, handsome! My personality is that of an outgoing woman, with a high degree of self-esteem and a striking attitude. My smile shows the joy I feel to meet new and wonderful people, whether they are the same or different from me, both in culture and personality.
Expertise: I love to be submissive and dominate my whole body in the way that excites them most until we cum together, I enjoy making deep throat and feel a hard cock in my mouth
About: My name is Danna and I am passionate about music because I can feel it within me and express it through my art, which is dance. I don`t like loneliness, so I love to meet new people and share pleasant moments that generate great memories.
Turns On: I love men who are interested in me, who take their time to show that they want me to be part of their life, the details call my attention and the way they treat me manages to conquer me.
Turns Off: I am demotivated by men who play with my feelings, who only seek sexual desire and little love, who are not authentic and only deliver monotony.
Toys Or Props: